secure hosting from hacker, security tips for blogger

5 Tips to Stay Secure From Hackers

The last post was on some of the cheapest web hosting provider in the industry, so as you’ve now the hosting so it’s now a really important thing to consider about is that you are safe from all kind of hacking stuff.

secure hosting from hacker, security tips for blogger

The Internet has been an important breakthrough and is constantly changing our lives in many ways. But, we are never too cautious when it comes to keeping safe online.

5 tips on how to stay secure from hackers.


  • Avoid accessing unsafe websites. Through social engineering, many websites promote themselves by using data that will catch the user’s attention, such as: discounts, promotions, exclusive material, premieres, etc.   The best thing to do is to avoid malicious websites altogether.
  • Download apps from secure and official websites only. Many sites offer to download popular apps that are potentially malicious, for what I strongly recommend to download apps from each publisher’s official site. Unsecured sites allow hackers to view all web traffic over the network.
  • Watch out for suspicious links and attachments. By redirecting users to malicious links is one of the most typical way for hackers to attack. A very commonly used way for hackers to trick users into opening and clicking on infected links is Spam emails and attachments. Microsoft Office helps protect you from these risks by enabling security alerts about links to suspicious websites.
  • Protect your computer by using safety measures, such as security technology. By enabling the firewall built into your computer’s operating system, you can protect your computer from being attacked.


  1. Avoid submitting personal information to illegitimate websites. It is highly recommended for users that must fill out personal information (name, password, credit card number, etc.) to reassure the site’s legitimacy. One good way to do so is by only entering sites that use HTTPS protocol. When your web browser is using HTTPS, you’ll see a padlock icon, green browser bar. This way you will be able to avoid phishing attacks.

Just like in our day to day lives good security practices come in handy when upgrading our online protection level. It is very important to promote user’s education and information so that he or she will be less exposed to potential threats.

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5 Cheapest Web Hosting Provider in the Market

When it comes to finding and choosing the cheapest web hosting provider it is important to keep in mind, not only its promotional pricing, but how much the service actually costs without discount, if the company charges for installation or for domain transferring and last, but not least, what is exactly that they are offering us.

5 of the Cheapest Web Hosting Providers

web hosting provider, hosting provider, best hostingComing in first place, known for being one of the cheapest and most recommended, is JUST HOST.

At JUST HOST you will not have to pay an extra fee for domain transferring nor domain name.

It offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth, plus you can have a limitless amount of domains in one same account. JUST HOST also gives you the option of  shared hosting, and in case that you are not happy with the service, there is a money back guarantee for any service you hire.

In second place, HostGator. Same as Just Host, it is one of the cheapest  web hosting provider in the market. But, on the other hand, it does charge for domain transferring and domain name. Now, before turning you back on this option, consider what it has to offer.  

For example, an outstanding customer service, plus  it offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth for both private and shared hosting. Like most web hosting providers, HostGator offers you  free domain upon hiring as well as many apps, such as: CMS, WordPress, shopping cart software, etc.

At number three, 1&1. It has the cheapest launching offer in the market, but for limited time.  However, the monthly fees that they offer are pretty much affordable.

Unlike the two companies mentioned above, 1&1 charges a fee, which has a first year discount, for the domain name. And, when it comes to shared hosting, you may host as many domains and subdomains as wanted and needed. Just like the others, 1&1 offers many apps so you can enhance your site, at only one click away.

In the fourth place, Go Daddy. This is almost every beginners first choice when it comes to hosting a site for the first time, and it has an affordable price.  Go Daddy does not charge for installation nor domain name. And,  you can transfer your web site from some other host free of cost.

If you are interested in shared hosting, then you will be happy to know that this is possible  for a small amount, US$3.49 per month. Go Daddy also has a money back guarantee for any service you hire, so if you are not happy with the service you can always ask for your money back.

Last, but not least, coming in at number five is GreenGeeks. Its fees are a bit more expensive comparing to the competition, but on the other hand, you will neither have to pay for the installation nor for the domain name or domain registration. One very relevant feature is that GreenGeeks offers free domain for life!

This gives you the right to transfer your domain free of cost as long as your account is activated. This may be a great way to save up money in the long term. GreenGeeks also offers daily backups and high quality servers.